Internship is a rewarding experience that provides students with real-life experience and hands on training.  We recognize that many of our students going out on internship incur various expenses such as travel, child care, professional clothing purchase etc.  In an effort to alleviate some of these expenses, Herzing College has partnered with internship employers to offer qualified students a weekly expense assistance while on internship.

Eligible students that enroll in a participating program will receive a minimum of a $100 weekly expense assistance while on internship.  Herzing College has agreements with several companies already and will continue to add interested companies to the list of internship hosts. 

Herzing College is committed to student success and our internship expense allowance program is just one way that we can support our students in reaching their educational goals. 

Take advantage of the internship expense allowance program today and fill out the form to receive details or book an appointment at your local campus. 

*Offer may not apply to all programs