See if you qualify for the PSW Challenge Fund. Eligible students pay nothing for tuition! But you must enroll this summer to get funding. Pre-register now. Space is limited.


What is the PSW Challenge Fund?

☑️ The Personal Support Worker Challenge Fund was launched by the Ontario government to help students pay for PSW training

☑️ The government will spend $85 million to train up to 8,000 personal support workers throughout the province

☑️ Goal is to help PSW students get training without going into debt or suffering financial stress


How much money will PSW students receive?

Eligible students will receive:

☑️ Up to $7,735 for tuition, books, and other school fees

☑️ Up to $5,735 to cover costs during your internship

☑️ Herzing PSW students will receive an additional $1,560 scholarship to cover any remaining costs


Do you have to pay the money back?

No. The PSW Challenge Fund is offering bursaries to cover the cost of training.

☑️ This is not a loan and does not have to be re-paid.


Is there a deadline to apply for PSW funding?

Yes! The PSW Challenge Fund is only available for a limited time.

☑️ Students must start their PSW program this summer to qualify for funding

☑️ Herzing Ottawa has PSW classes starting July 12

☑️ Herzing will help you submit your application for funding


Are you eligible for this funding?

☑️ Please note that international students are not eligible for the PSW Challenge Fund

☑️ Fill out the form to pre-register so a Herzing Admissions Advisor can confirm your eligibility for funding


Classes start July 12  - Limited space available

☑️ Herzing College will enroll qualified PSW students on a first-come, first-served basis

☑️ Classes are starting July 12 with limited space available

☑️ Pre-register now to confirm your eligibility for funding and reserve a place in class


About Herzing's PSW Program

☑️ 8-month program

☑️ 11-week internship

☑️ Includes CPR and First Aid certificates

☑️ Hands-on training in safe, compassionate client care 

☑️ Graduates hired at long-term care facilities and home-care companies throughout Ottawa


Fill out the form to pre-register and take advantage of full funding for your PSW program!